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6 Man Tent, Coleman Mackenzie 6 Blackout Review

Updated: Apr 1

Ideal tent for family getaways.

Green and Grey 6 man tunnel tent on a white background

Picking a family tent can be a really stressful job. There's so much to consider, will it be water tight? Will it fit everyone comfortably? Is there enough storage space? It can be a problem before you even consider where to go for your family holiday.

Luckily the solution is at hand with the Coleman Mackenzie 6. The Mackenzie is a 6 man tent which has all the features you need to to keep the family happy and comfortable.

This is a tunnel style tent which is the ideal layout for a 6 person tent as it allows for plenty of living space. There is ample room for a camping table and chairs should the weather turn suddenly and the Mackenzie has a smaller single room to one side allowing for bags and clothing to be arranged and easily accessible. The bedroom pods are blackout which will help you and your family to keep a you usual sleep routine rather than the kids waking with the sun at 4am! Between 2 extra large sleeping pods there is an organising system allowing you to keep your essential item close at hand. A third sleeping pod at which is separate offers privacy away from the main sleeping area

Diagram of the internal space in tent

Image showing internal storage in a 6 man tent

The fabric of the tent is polyester polythene meaning that it is waterproof and the strong main poles are made from alloy steel which produces a strong structure. As this is a family tent its strength is important as there will be people coming and going from the tent frequently and it is likely to be knocked and banged. The tent is finished in Colemans traditional colours of green and grey which make it look stylish and there are windows with fly mesh at the living area end of the tent which incorporate fly netting to keep the tent critter free.

Owners of this tent have commented that the Mackenzie is easy to put up. Once packing up time comes this tent packs down to an amazingly small 40 x 80 package which weighs just 35kg. For a 6 man tent that is very light and compact when compared to similar 6 person tents especially those made from polycotton.

One of the biggest questions I ask when buying a 6 person tent is, is it good value? As a family we camp at least 4 weeks of every year but have camped for as long as 12 weeks on a single trip. You can reasonably expect a tent getting that much use to pick up some wear and tear. The Coleman Makenzie has all the hallmarks of a robust family tent that will give you and your family great holidays for years to come.

Get yours here

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