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6 Man tents for your next adventure

Updated: Apr 1

Find a great 6 person tent for your next big adventure.

If your looking for a cheap getaway this year either in the UK or in Europe you cant get much better value than camping. Most family campsites throughout the UK have fantastic facilities such as toilet and shower blocks. Many campsites even have clubhouses, swimming pools, fishing ponds, bars and restaurants. The ideal substitute for the hotel room is a 6 man tent!

We've put together a list of the bust 6 man tents with couples and small family camping in mind.

1. Coleman octagon tent £257.80 Get yours here

Grey and Green Coleman 6 man octagon tent

Interior of Colemman Octogen tent showing Storage pocket, lantern hook, ground sheet and tent poles

The Coleman octagon has become a firm favourite of campers due to its strong construction. The octagon has a super strong colour coded pole construction. Many users or this tent report having used it in strong wind and rain and it has performed very well. The advantage of this tent is that it does have some excellent features such as the large front door and windows all round for a 360 view of your pitch. what we didn't like about the Coleman Octagon is that there aren't separate sleeping pods meaning it lacks privacy.

We think this tent would suit a couple seeking to create a Glamping experience.

2. Mountain Warehouse Buxton 6 man tent £299.99 Buy here

6 man tunnel tent in a field with trees in the background

If you're looking for more space without breaking the bank the Mountain Warehouse Buxton 6 tunnel tent offers a lot of protection and functionality for a reasonable cost. The packed weight is only 17 kg but the dimensions are 7 metres x 2.4 metres. There is plenty of headroom to allow you to stand up in order to get changed etc. This tent has two separate sleeping pods, one at each end and a space at the end which can be used for dining or relaxing.

We would recommend this tent for those looking for a separate sleeping area from children or other guests.

3. Skandika Gotland 6 Person Tunnel Tent £399 buy here

Black and grey tent with orange guy lines

The Skandika gotland is another large footprint tent offering 2 sleeping pods at the rear and a large amount of space to the front of the tent. The Gotland 6 man tent has 3 large entrances which are protected by mosquito net and a sewn in groundsheet. The sleeping pods have an additional divider and storage pockets on the outside. There are cable entry points for your power hookup and hooks to hold your lanterns or torches. All the windows have mesh blinds and two side doors can be propped up as sun canopies.

This is definitely a tent for a longer camping trip or people who camp every year.

4. Hi gear Hampton £390.15 Buy here

Family outside a large, blue tent with mountains in the background

The Hi Gear Hampton is a 4 pole tunnel tent with the added advantage of a built in canopy at the front. The canopy creates a dry area to change out of muddy boots or sandy flip flops without bringing mud or sand into the tent. The Hampton has panoramic windows and a large, divided sleeping pod at the rear of the tent. What stands out about this tent is that it incorporates blackout technology which blocks 80% of sunlight.

This tent is ideal for those with very small children as the blackout will help to maintain their normal sleeping patterns or anyone who prefers a lie in on their camping holiday

5. Vango Stargrove 2 600xl £742.50

Vango Stargrove 2 600xl Polycotton £1299

Large 6 person family tent in green on a white backgorund

Grey 6 man tent pitched in a field with trees in the background

Vango have been producing tents of the finest quality since 1966 and are produced to famous Force 10 tent. The Vango Stargrove II Air is an extra large 6 man tent which benefits from Vango’s Air beam technology which makes it quick and easy to erect. The Stargrove has an extended living and pre attached front awning. There are and 3 queen size bedrooms and there are toggled privacy curtains on the windows. The groundsheet is made from tough PE fabric. The stargrove comes in two different fabrics. The polycotton version is aimed at those looking for a tent that can stand up to years of camping. The polycotton makes camping cooler in the summer and warmer in autumn extending your camping season.

6. Berghaus air 6xl Polycotton £1749 buy it here

Beige and light brown, 6 man polycotton air tent

The Berghaus air 6xl six man tent combines everything thats great in modern tents in this flagship family tent. The air 6xl is made from durable polycotton and is erected using air beams. The fabric blends creates a 100% waterproof sanctuary to spend those damp summer days. You will benefit from a deep front canopy as well as a front door an 2 side doors protected with mosquito mesh. The sleeping area of the tent comes with divider curtains enabling you to choose a combination of different layouts.

This is a tough robust six man tent designed for years of trouble free camping.

7. Coleman vail 6 £399 buy it here

Grey and green 6 person tent with a large porch on a white background

Perhaps one of the most trusted brands in British camping, Coleman have produced this competitively priced and well equipped tent. The Vail 6 is a six man tent with 3 large sleeping areas, a large well lit living area and a deep porch canopy at the front. Fully packed the tent weight in at just 26kg making it easy to pack into the boot of a small car.

This tent would suit campers looking for great quality on a budget.

8. Zempire Evo TXL 6 berth £1650 buy it here

6 berth family tent in green

Zempire are a trail blazing company who build tents which are fast becoming the most desirable on the market. They combine the latest tent building material and techniques to make truly remarkable tents. The 6 man Zempire Evo TXL 6 berth is a lot of tent but is surprisingly compact once packed away. Zempire use a unique system to connect the air frame directly to the fly sheet making it lighter and less bulky when packed. There is ample living space and a fully customisable sleeping area The Zempire Evo comes with side and front doors as well as all round ventilation to keep out moisture.

The is a great tent for someone looking to do multi destination trips or several trips a season.

9. Kampa Hayling 6 poled £449 buy it here

Poled 6 man tent in light grey with dark grey detail

Kampa is a brand of the Dometic company who are known for building some of the most reliable awnings and other camping and camper van equipment available. The Kampa brand offers well made, no fuss family tents using the best quality fabrics. The Kampa Hayling 6 man tent comes in two versions, poled and air. The poled version offers a spacious interior, very large porch canopy, three divided sleeping areas in an exceptionally waterproof tent.

The Kampa Hayling 6 offers unsurpassed no nonsense value for money

10. Robens Klondike 6 £689.60 buy it here

Sand coloured tepee style tent on a white background

The Robens Klondike 6 man tent is a bit of a wildcard in this list. It is a teepee type tent and one of the cheapest polycotton tents on the market. In addition to this there is actually an option to put a wood burning stove inside the tent in order to keep warm while using this tent in all seasons. Large doors at the front make for a light and airy place to hang out in the day and there is a central air vent at the top of the teepee. The polycotton blend of fabric used to build this is very breathable as well as being 100% waterproof.

This tent is ideal if your looking for something a little different and want all year round camping.

Once you've chosen the right tent you need to thing about your sleeping arrangements. Check out our post on choosing the right sleeping bag here

This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using one of my links I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Many thanks for your support


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