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7 Products To Extend your Camping Season

Cartoon style image of a tent in the wilderness

Keep Camping Through Autumn and Maybe Even Into Winter and Extend your Camping Season!

The nights are getting longer and the mercury is plummeting. The fair weather campers have packed their tents away for the season leaving the world free for more hardened adventurers to do what we do best. If your about to embark on your first autumn or winter camping trip and want stay comfortable in more adverse weather then read on, this post is defiantly for you.

Clean and Proof your tent!

A clean and re-proofed tent will keep you dry during sustained rainfall and repair any potential UV damage caused by summer camping.

A bottle of Fabsil tent cleaner

1. Fabsil Tent & Awning Cleaner

Experience the power of our water-based cleaner, designed to tackle dirt and odours with remarkable effectiveness while treating your tent and awnings delicately. Not only does it cleanse, but it also renews their water-repellent properties, ensuring they stay resilient against the elements while maintaining breathability. Perfect for both thorough cleaning and quick spot treatments on the move, our easy-to-use spray-on cleaner ensures your outdoor gear stays fresh and functional wherever your adventures take you.

A metal can of Fabsil universal protector

2. Fabsil Universal Protector

Fabsil +UV Water proofer in a 2.5-liter container is your ultimate solution for protecting outdoor gear from the harshest elements. This highly effective waterproofing formula not only guards against water infiltration but also incorporates UV resistance, shielding your equipment from the damaging effects of the sun's rays. With a generous volume, it's perfect for treating large surfaces, ensuring that your tents, awnings, and outdoor fabrics remain dry and resilient while maintaining their original colour and quality. Fabsil +UV Water proofer 2.5LTR is the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts who demand top-tier protection for their gear in any weather condition.

Stay warm in Times of Inactivity

When its cold outside its easy to for your body temperature to drop quickly, especially when were not active. At best this is uncomfortable at worst hypothermia!

3. Heated Gilet

image of a heated gilet on a white background

Experience the perfect blend of fast heating and safety and extend your camping season with the SOLJIKYE heated vest. This innovative garment offers rapid, even, and enduring heat distribution, reinforced by its UL/CE/FCC certifications, guaranteeing top-notch performance and safety. Featuring 6 carbon fiber heaters strategically positioned in the shoulders, waist, and abdomen, this heated gilet incorporates a cutting-edge nano-composite fiber heating element that optimizes heat conversion efficiency. Additionally, it prioritizes your well-being with an automatic shutdown function, activating after 2.5 hours of inactivity, ensuring you stay warm and secure in colder climates.

4. Pocket Hand Warmers

Short video showing how to use pocket hand warmers

Experience the magic of MagTwins, where easy Snap-On magnetic attraction brings these handwarmers together or separates them effortlessly as needed. Slide them into your pockets, hold one in each hand, or combine them to create a palm-sized hand warmer. With a 20% power density increase, MagTwins delivers rapid heat release, and its high-grade brushed aluminium housing ensures durability, heat retention, and even heat distribution. Enjoy ultimate warming comfort with four heating temperature levels ranging from cosy warmth to 145℉ heat. MagTwins simplifies operation by remembering your last chosen heat level. Plus, with 5000mAh rechargeable batteries, each piece provides over 8 hours of warmth on low or can charge your phone up to 1.5+ times at full capacity. Designed for durability, MagTwins features rubber covers to protect the charging ports, making it an ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts who want to extend their camping season.

5. Waterproof Down Jacket

Yellow Rab waterproof down jacket on a white background

Introducing the ultimate companion for high-altitude expeditions and extreme cold conditions: a robust waterproof down jacket designed to withstand the harshest environments. Featuring a Pertex Shield fully taped waterproof outer layer crafted from durable polyamide, this jacket ensures superior protection against the elements. Its bonded narrow box-wall construction minimizes weight and bulk without compromising warmth. The adjustable hood, equipped with internal cord locks and rear hook and loop cinch, provides a snug fit, while the wired and stiffened peak offers enhanced weather protection. With its formidable combination of waterproofing and insulating capabilities, this jacket, with the code QDB-43, is the reliable choice for those who demand peak performance in extreme cold and high-altitude settings.

6. Warm Headwear

Image of a black wool hat on a white background

Discover the ultimate companion for braving the elements with our Waterproof Roll Cuff Beanie Hat. Crafted to the highest standards, this beanie is 100% waterproof, breathable, and windproof, making it the ideal choice for facing harsh weather conditions. Its three-layer construction, comprised of a tough acrylic outer layer, a waterproof Dri-Vent membrane in the middle, and a cozy polyester inner lining, ensures not only warmth but also exceptional durability. Designed for comfort and moisture control, it features a micro-fleece lining that keeps you snug and dry. With a thermal rating of 4, this beanie offers added protection and insulation, making it your go-to accessory for those extra cold and wet outdoor adventures.

7. Warm cosy sleeping bag

Marmot sleeping bag on white background

Introducing the perfect companion for all-season adventurers this lightweight mummy sleeping bag is designed to excel even in frigid conditions. Certified with 800 goose down fill, it offers reliable insulation and features curved down chambers to prevent shifting, ensuring you stay comfortably warm even in negative temperatures. The anatomically optimized fit in the head and foot area enhances insulation and overall comfort, while the extra zipper provides added ventilation when needed. Crafted with Pertex Quantum Air 20D 100% Nylon Ripstop, the exterior is both breathable, windproof, and waterproof, and includes a draft collar and hood for extra warmth. With a temperature range from -6°C to -33°C, this warm sleep bag, featuring a soft 100% polyester lining and down defender protection, guarantees a cozy night's sleep. Whether you're hiking, backpacking, trekking, or cycling, this ultra-light single sleeping bag is the ideal companion, complete with a zipper guard slider, weighing only 1170 g and measuring 182 cm in length. It even includes a compression and storage bag for added convenience. Tested to EN standards, this sleeping bag ensures a restful night's sleep during your outdoor adventures.

With autumn colour and frosty vistas to explore there's no better time to gather your cold weather gear, head to the wilderness and have an adventure!

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