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Berghaus Cheviot 2 tent Review

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Berghaus Cheviot 2 tent on a white background

The Cheviot 2 tent is designed with a fully waterproof construction, ensuring that you stay dry regardless of the weather conditions. Its weatherproof layer effectively repels water, providing a waterproof rating of 5000HH. This high rating gives you peace of mind during rainy weather, knowing that you'll be protected from moisture.

The tent features a tub-style bedroom inner, which helps keep groundwater out. This design prevents water from seeping into the sleeping area, keeping you and your belongings dry. The bedroom door can be conveniently folded away, and there are four storage pockets to help you keep the tent tidy and organized.

Berghaus Cheviot 2 tent pitched in a field

Built for durability, the Cheviot 2 tent boasts a semi-geodesic construction. This design offers superior strength and a favorable space-to-weight ratio. The tent is supported by strong and lightweight alloy poles, ensuring stability without adding excessive weight. Tension straps provide extra stability, while mesh pole sleeves contribute to better wind resistance and faster pitching times.

Berghaus Cheviot 2 tent pitched in the hills

Setting up the Cheviot 2 tent is a breeze, with a quick pitch time of approximately 7 minutes. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your camping experience and less time struggling with setup.

Berghaus Cheviot 2 tent floor plan

In terms of dimensions and portability, the Berghaus Cheviot 2 tent has a pack size of 50cm x 16cm x 16cm, making it compact and easy to transport. With a weight of 3.05kg, it strikes a balance between being lightweight and robust, ideal for backpacking and other outdoor adventures.

Overall, the Cheviot 2 tent offers a fully waterproof and robust shelter for outdoor enthusiasts. Its efficient design, quick pitch time, and compact size make it a convenient choice for camping trips where staying dry and having a reliable tent are essential.

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