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Berghaus Freedom 7 Nightfall tent

Updated: Aug 18

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Berghaus Freedom 7 Nightfall tent on a white background

Introducing the new Freedom range from Berghaus, featuring a unique blend of 'Retro Euro-style tent' aesthetics and cutting-edge inflatable technology. This tent is designed to provide a home-away-from-home experience, packed with impressive features. The use of waterproof and breathable 100D fabrics ensures durability and protection from the elements.

One standout feature is the blackout Nightfall (TM) bedrooms, which block out ambient light, offering a better sleeping environment. With the capacity to accommodate up to seven adults, this tent provides an enormous amount of usable living space. Large windows with built-in curtains flood the interior with natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Berghaus Freedom 7 Nightfall tent pitched in a field

To keep insects at bay and maintain excellent ventilation levels, the tent is equipped with mesh doors throughout. The revolutionary design allows for quick and easy setup, with the super-strong air beams inflating in just minutes and deflating in seconds. Once assembled, the tent offers a sturdy structure with ample headroom, accommodating even taller individuals comfortably.

Berghaus Freedom 7 Nightfall tent Waterproofing and air flowdiagrams

The Freedom tent comes complete with a two-way stirrup pump with a gauge valve, tightener, repair kit, and a robust wheeled carry bag with adjustable buckles for easy transportation. The tent's dimensions are 240cm (H) x 495cm (W) x 705cm (L), and it weighs 47.6kg. The pack size measures 90 x 68 x 58cm, making it manageable for transportation. The pitch time is approximately 30 minutes, while the inflation time takes just 15 minutes.

With its combination of retro style, advanced inflatable technology, spacious living space, and thoughtful features, the Freedom tent from Berghaus offers a comfortable and convenient camping experience.

Berghaus Freedom 7 Nightfall tent interior

The Freedom 7 Nightfall tent offers a range of convenient features that enhance your camping experience. Here are some key details about the item:

Easy to Pitch: The tent features a revolutionary air tube design, allowing the super-strong air beams to inflate within minutes and deflate quickly for easy setup and pack-up. A two-way stirrup pump with a gauge is included for inflation.

Waterproof: The tent is constructed with fully waterproof materials that effectively repel water. With a waterproof rating of HH 6000mm, you can be confident in staying dry in any weather conditions. The fully sealed groundsheet further ensures water resistance.

Berghaus Freedom 7 Nightfall tent Blackout rooms

Ventilated: The tent incorporates an air flow ventilation system that helps regulate the climate inside. The breathable polyester inner allows condensation to pass through, promoting freshness. Mesh doors throughout the tent keep insects at bay while contributing to airflow.

Darkened Bedroom Technology: The tent includes three removable Nightfall darkened bedrooms. These bedrooms are designed to block ambient light, ensuring a darker environment for better sleep. By preventing the morning sun from waking you up, it helps maintain your normal sleeping routine while camping.

Berghaus Freedom 7 Nightfall tent Porch

Built-in Porch: The Freedom 7 has a sheltered porch area with windows, providing a versatile space for storage and protection from the sun or rain. Additionally, a side entrance to the living space is equipped with a rainhood, offering convenient access.

Berghaus Freedom 7 Nightfall tent Floor plan

Overall, the Freedom 7 Nightfall tent combines ease of use, waterproofing, ventilation, and innovative bedroom technology to enhance your camping comfort and convenience. We think this is the ideal tent for a big group camping. If space is what you need there are few tents at this price point which can offer this much quality and this many features.

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