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Clostnature Waterproof tent review

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Clostnature Waterproof tent in green on a white background

Clostnature is an outdoor gear brand that was founded by three passionate mountaineers. The team members initially met as college students and shared a common interest in mountaineering. Since its establishment in 2006, Clostnature has remained committed to its fundamental mission: providing the best outdoor gear for campers, backpackers, and mountaineers. Their goal is to make it easier for more people to enjoy and stay comfortable in the great outdoors.

The brand takes pride in producing rugged and high-performance outdoor gear. Their focus extends beyond functionality, as they also prioritize sustainability in their product designs. Clostnature aims to create gear that is built to last, with a no-frills approach and without unnecessary over-design. Their products are crafted to be honest, hard-working pieces that customers would prefer to repair rather than replace.

By emphasizing durability and sustainability, Clostnature seeks to contribute to a more environmentally conscious outdoor industry. Their commitment to providing reliable gear aligns with their customers' needs, ensuring they can rely on their equipment in various outdoor activities.

Whether it's camping, backpacking, or mountaineering, Clostnature strives to offer gear that enhances the outdoor experience while considering the impact on the environment. With their dedication to quality, durability, and sustainability, Clostnature continues to provide outdoor enthusiasts with dependable gear to help them make the most of their outdoor adventures.

Clostnature Waterproof tent

The Clostnature 2 man tent is designed to provide comfortable accommodation for two people during outdoor adventures. It offers a roomy space, making it a suitable choice for camping with a partner or friend. Alternatively, it can serve as a more spacious option for solo wild camping expeditions. With dimensions of 220x150x115cm and a weight of only 2.72kg, this lightweight tent offers a balance between portability and interior space, ensuring more comfortable and enjoyable backcountry trips.

Setting up the Clostnature 2 man tent is a breeze, thanks to its structural design. Even when you're on your own, the easy setup process shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes. This means you can quickly assemble the tent without exerting excessive effort or feeling exhausted. The tent is freestanding, adding to its convenience, and comes with a sack that has a handle for easy carrying.

Clostnature Waterproof tent

When it comes to protection from the elements, the Clostnature 2 man tent is fully equipped. The heavy-duty Polyester material is coated with a PU2000mm waterproof coating, ensuring reliable waterproofing in all seasons and weather conditions. All factory-sealed seams further enhance the tent's waterproof capabilities. The dual-layer fabric used in the corners provides extra security, allowing you to stay completely dry even in pouring rain. This feature is particularly advantageous for camping in the rainy weather often experienced in the UK.

Proper ventilation is crucial for a comfortable camping experience, and the Clostnature 2 man tent delivers on this front as well. It is equipped with two water-resistant ceiling vents that promote air circulation, even during rainstorms. This helps to prevent condensation buildup inside the tent while allowing you to enjoy stargazing without the intrusion of dust or bugs.

With your purchase of the Clostnature 2 man tent, you will receive a tent bag, inner tent, flysheet, poles, ropes, and stakes. Additionally, the product comes with a one-year warranty covering material and workmanship defects. This demonstrates the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures that you can embark on more comfortable and enjoyable camping trips with confidence.

Clostnature Waterproof tent pitched in the woods

In summary, the Clostnature 2 man tent offers a spacious and lightweight solution for outdoor accommodation. Its easy setup process, waterproof construction, excellent ventilation, and warranty coverage make it a reliable choice for camping adventures.

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