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COLEMAN Meadowood tent Full Review

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The Coleman Meadowood 6L BlackOut family tent is designed to provide an extremely spacious and comfortable camping experience for larger families. It is suitable for both short weekend getaways and longer breaks. One of the standout features of this tent is its extended open front porch area, which offers additional living space and protection from the elements. For added weather protection, the front porch can be closed off with an easily attached zipped front face (Coleman 6L Vestibule sold separately).

The tent's structure is supported by fibreglass poles, which not only make the tent lighter in weight but also provide flexibility to withstand stronger wind gusts. The fitted storm straps offer greater peace of mind in windy conditions, ensuring that the tent remains secure and stable.

Coleman Meadowood tent in a green field

Inside the tent, you'll find two large bedrooms featuring BlackOut Bedroom technology. This technology effectively blocks out 99% of daylight, creating a dark and sleep-friendly environment. It also helps to reduce the temperature inside the bedrooms during the day and increase it at night, ensuring a more restful sleep for the entire family.

The tent offers good head height throughout, allowing for comfortable movement inside. Several large windows provide ample natural light, and they also feature zipped window shades, allowing for flexible levels of privacy. The main entrance of the tent has a drop-down doorway, providing barrier-free access and reducing the risk of trips and falls.

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To maintain a comfortable interior climate and reduce condensation, the tent is designed with ample ventilation. A full-width aperture at the side and rear of the tent allows for airflow. Additionally, zipped cable entry points enable access for powered accessories, and multiple lantern attachment points are available for convenient lighting options.

children playing football near a tent

In summary, the Coleman Meadowood 6L BlackOut family tent offers a spacious and comfortable camping experience. Its extended front porch, BlackOut Bedrooms, easy access features, ample ventilation, and adjustable window covers provide a versatile and enjoyable camping experience for the whole family.

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