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Eurohike Shadow 250 Tent Review

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Eurohike Shadow 250 Tent on a white background

The Eurohike Shadow 250 Tent is designed with a fully waterproof construction, ensuring that you stay dry in any weather conditions. The weatherproof layer effectively sheds water and provides a waterproof rating of 2000HH, guaranteeing that you remain protected from rain and moisture.

To enhance ventilation and reduce condensation, the tent features three ventilation points. These points allow for air circulation, helping to keep the interior fresh and comfortable.

The bedroom of the tent incorporates Nightfall Darkened Technology, which blocks up to 80% of sunlight from entering the room. This technology helps to prevent the morning sun from waking you up and allows you to maintain your normal sleeping routine, even when camping in bright environments.

Eurohike Shadow 250 Tent showing blackout interior

The Eurohike Shadow 250 Tent includes a separate porch area, providing ample storage space for all your gear and equipment. This allows you to keep your living area clean and organized, maximizing your comfort during your camping trip.

For added convenience and safety, the tent is equipped with luminous guylines. These guylines are highly visible in the dark, reducing the risk of accidents and making it easier to navigate around the tent at night.

Eurohike Shadow 250 Tent pitched at a festival with flags and bunting

In terms of dimensions, the bedroom measures 160cm (width) x 205cm (length) x 103cm (height), providing a comfortable sleeping space. The storage/porch area has dimensions of 180cm (width) x 100cm (length). When packed, the tent has dimensions of 54cm x 16cm x 16cm and weighs 3.3kg, making it compact and lightweight for easy transportation.

Additionally, the tent features an EN-5912 Flame Resistant Coating, adding an extra layer of safety and protection.

Eurohike Shadow 250 Tent floor plan

Overall, the Eurohike Shadow 250 Tent offers a fully waterproof design, enhanced ventilation, a darkened bedroom for better sleep, ample storage space, and convenient features such as luminous guylines. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it a practical choice for camping trips where comfort and protection from the elements are important considerations.

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