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Hi Gear Hampton 6 Full Review

Blue tent in a field with mountains behind

This 6-person tent boasts several features that make it a great option for camping:

Waterproof Construction: The tent is designed with a fully waterproof construction, meaning it effectively repels water. It has a waterproof rating of 3000HH, indicating its ability to withstand water pressure. With this tent, you can stay dry regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, it has a sewn-in groundsheet that adds an extra layer of protection from moisture.

Hi Gear Hampton 6 on White background

Darkened Bedroom Technology: The tent is equipped with Nightfall darkened bedrooms that block up to 80% of sunlight from entering the sleeping area. This feature helps to create a darker environment inside the tent, allowing you to maintain your normal sleeping routine even when the sun rises early in the morning.

Interior of a blackout tent

Panoramic Windows: The tent features six large windows that offer panoramic views of the surroundings. These windows come with roll-up curtains, giving you the flexibility to control the amount of natural light entering the tent and ensuring your privacy as needed. The tent also includes a large storage unit on the bedroom wall to help you keep your camping accessories organized.

Hi Gear Hampton 6 tent with panoramic window

Built-in Sheltered Porch: This tent comes with a fixed porch that provides extra weather protection and serves as an additional storage space. The porch is designed to shield you from the elements and offers a convenient area to store your gear. Both doors of the tent are equipped with fly screens, allowing for increased ventilation without allowing flying insects to enter.

Dimensions and Weight: The built dimensions of the tent are 595cm (length) x 380cm (width) x 210cm (height). When packed, the tent measures approximately 75cm x 40cm x 33cm. It weighs 23kg, making it suitable for transportation and easy to set up at your camping site.

Plan of Hi Gear Hampton 6 tent sleeping Layout

Fire-Retardant Fabrics: The tent's fabrics have been tested to meet the BS EN 5912 standard for fire retardancy. This ensures an additional level of safety during your camping experience.

Overall, this tent offers a combination of waterproofing, light control, ventilation, and storage options, making it a comfortable and practical choice for your camping adventures.

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