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Jungle Formula and other Amazing Anti-Bug Products

Updated: Apr 1

Protect yourself from creepy crawlies while your camping.

With Spring here and summer just around the corner you may have noticed creepy crawlies coming back too. Nobody wants to let flies, tick’s ants and mosquito’s ruin their camping trip. Here is a run down of everything you need to keep all the critters at arms length.

Prevention is better then cure, by far the best way to prevent yourself from becoming dinner while traveling and camping is Jungle formula. With over 10K positive reviews on Amazon Jungle formula is by far the most popular insect repellent available today and is effective at preventing mosquito bites. Get yours here

A small green bottle containing jungle formular

At night mosquitos are particularly active. during sleep the use of a mosquito net is an ideal way to put a physical barrier between you and and the mosquitos. Mosquito nests are generally small and light so they are still a must have piece of kit for even the most weight conscious adventurer. The life systems Box net is the ultimate in mosquito protection. not only does it provide a physical barrier but it is also impregnated with a anti mosquito treatment which kills the mosquitos that land on the net. The chemical is safe for humans and lasts for up to 35 washes.

A mosquito net in  a small compression sack

Sometimes try as we might Mosquitos and other flying insects break through our defences and bite us. Insect bites can be very itchy and uncomfortable. although there are many topical creams available there is now a device that is taking the travelling community by storm. Your can now relieve the pain and itching caused by bites and stings using your smartphone. The Heat it - Smartphone Powered insect bite healer uses concentrated heat to treat the bite or sting. This fantastic little device plugs into your smartphone and even allows you to input data relating to the patient to tailor treatment. The heat it is medically proven to work too!

A mobile connected itch shoother

When evening time comes the flying insects tend to come out to feed, this is especially true during periods of warm weather when the hot sun can quickly dehydrate and kill midges and mosquitos. Sadly this is exactly the time we all want to get together for a barbeque or enjoy the sunset. Luckily there are a few things that we can do to protect against these little gate crashers.

If your lucky enough to have access too a power hook up then this Mosquito killer is the ideal table top solution

A portable bug zapper

This mosquito killer can be used self standing or it can be hung from a nearby tree or tent pole.

Citronella candles have long since been a great way to repel biting insects, not only that but they greater lovely subtle lighting and smell amazing. This pack or 4 Chatsworth Citronella candles Gets 4.3 stars on Amazon and I use these every time I set up the barbeque be it at home or while camping.

Yellow Citronella candles on a white background

I hope this guide well help you to have a fun and bite free camping trip or garden barbeque.

For more helpful camping essentials check out our post here

This post contains affiliate links, If you decide to make a purchase using one of my links I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Many thanks for your support


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