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Leatherman Signal Review

Updated: Apr 1

The last Multitool you will ever need to buy!

When it comes to multitools there is no denying that Leatherman has long since been a brand associated with quality, functionality and after service. Offering a 25 year guarantee and using the finest materials and manufacturing processes makes for a tool which you can use, abuse and ultimately trust to be with you for the long haul. A multi tool is a million problems solved in a compact package and I for one can't live without mine.

The Leatherman signal camping and survival Multi Tool has been designed with the great outdoors in mind. In this article we take a look at Leatherman's outdoor offering and give you to pro’s and con’s before you buy.

Leatherman Signal in green on a white background

Leatherman Signal £159.95

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The Leatherman signal comes with a total of 19 tools in a package that is 13 x 9 x 4.5 cm and weighs in at just 212g which when you consider its functionality is a tiny weight and size. Available in brown, green, black and silver it looks good too. The tool comes with a nylon case included but for those in the know leatherman also sells a leather case separately which is a much better way to carry your tool around if like me you prefer not to have kit swinging around from a carabiner.

The signal has been designed to be operated with only one hand for those moments where multitasking is a necessity.

Leatherman Signal in black with some of its tools on display


This Leatherman comes with everything you would expect to find on the standard Leatherman range such as Needle Nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters and a combo knife. In addition there is a can opener, bottle opener and ¼” Hex bit and box wrench, diamond coated sharpener and additions honed to help the camper and survival enthusiast in ways that no other tool can.

Perhaps the most surprising addition to the Leatherman signal is its hammer function which has a number of uses from knocking in tough tent pegs to hammering in nails. The fire started, Leatherman's take on the flint and steel takes this tool to the next level in terms of setting up camp, giving the owner the ability to start a campfire using a multitool.

From a safety point of view the Leatherman Signal comes with a safety whistle, nobody wants to be stranded but this feature will definitely help you to be located if you are.

Price wise the Signals price tag is a little prohibitive if you're on a budget however if you're looking to buy the last multitool you'll ever need for camping and adventuring this multi tool can be considered an investment.

Still not sure? check out our guide on why everyone should carry a Multitool here

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