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Mountain Warehouse Festival Dome 2 Review

Updated: Jul 9

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Mountain Warehouse Festival Dome 2

The Festival Dome 2 Man Tent is designed to be fully water-resistant, with a rating of 1500mm. This feature ensures that you stay dry even in wet conditions. The tent is lightweight and easy to pitch, making it convenient for camping trips. It provides sleeping space for two people and includes a separate porch area for storage.

The tent's fly sheet is made of polyester material, which adds to its water resistance. The inner part of the tent is pitched first, followed by the fly sheet. This setup helps to keep the interior dry during assembly. The bedroom area features a sewn-in groundsheet, providing added protection from moisture and insects.

Mountain Warehouse Festival Dome 2

The Festival Dome tent has one sleeping area and a porch storage area. The porch can be used to store camping gear, keeping it separate from the sleeping space. This helps to maximize the available living space inside the tent.

The tent is supported by fiberglass poles, which are color-coded for easier pitching. This feature simplifies the assembly process and saves you time and effort. The total weight of the tent is 2.2kg, making it lightweight and easy to carry. When packed, the tent has dimensions of 159cm in length and 13cm in height. When pitched, it measures 130cm in width, 270cm in length, and 100cm in height.

Mountain Warehouse Festival Dome 2

The Mountain Warehouse Festival Dome 2 Man Tent is a practical and functional choice for festival-goers or campers looking for a lightweight and water-resistant shelter. Its separate porch area and easy pitching make it convenient for storing gear and enjoying outdoor adventures.

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