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New Berghaus Adhara 700 Tent Full Review

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Berghaus Adhara tent in blue on a white background

The Adhara 700 tent boasts a remarkable feature - it is fully waterproof. Constructed with a weatherproof layer, this tent effectively repels water, ensuring that you stay dry regardless of the weather conditions. With a waterproof rating of HH 6000mm, you can have confidence in its ability to keep you protected from even heavy rain showers. Whether it's a drizzle or a downpour, you can rely on the Adhara 700 to keep you dry and comfortable.

Berghaus Adhara tent

Another innovative feature of this tent is the Nightfall darkened fabric technology. This technology allows you to create a darkened bedroom environment, perfect for those who prefer to sleep beyond sunrise. While waking up naturally with the sun may be pleasant in certain situations, it can become challenging when camping during the peak of summer, when the sun rises early. The Nightfall technology ensures that you can enjoy a restful sleep without being disturbed by the early morning light.

Berghaus Adhara tent internal dimension plan

Berghaus Adhara tent Exterior spec

To enhance your comfort further, the Adhara 700 incorporates a ventilation system. No longer will you have to endure damp and humid living spaces inside your tent. With two windows and mesh doors, this tent allows for optimal air flow, keeping the interior fresh and well-ventilated. Not only does this promote a more comfortable living experience, but it also helps to prevent condensation buildup, ensuring a dry and pleasant environment.

Berghaus Adhara tent interior

Berghaus Adhara tent spec sheet

In terms of additional features, the Adhara 700 offers a spacious living area with ample headroom for everyone under 6' 7 ft. This generous space allows you to move around comfortably and relax inside the tent. The tent's construction utilizes Proflex fiberglass poles, providing both strength and a super lightweight design. Setting up the tent is made easier with the sewn-in groundsheet, which not only simplifies pitching but also enhances protection from the ground.

Berghaus Adhara tent spec sheet

To expand your living space or create room for extra gear, the Adhara 700 is compatible with the Berghaus Adhara Porch. This additional accessory offers the opportunity to extend the covered area of the tent, providing more versatility for various camping needs. Furthermore, you can enhance the comfort and insulation of your tent by using the Adhara 700 Footprint and Adhara 700 Carpet accessories. These items help protect the tent's flooring and bring a touch of home comfort to your camping experience.

Family walking past the Berghaus Adhara tent

Overall, the Adhara 700 is a highly functional and well-designed tent, offering waterproof protection, a darkened bedroom environment, efficient ventilation, and various extra features and accessories. It ensures that you can enjoy your outdoor adventures while maintaining comfort and convenience, regardless of the weather or camping conditions.


Adhara 700 footprint

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Adhara 700 footprint in a blue carry bag

The Adhara 700 Footprint, also known as a groundsheet protector, serves as a protective layer for your tent's groundsheet. Its primary purpose is to shield your tent's bottom from abrasions caused by rough ground and stones. By sliding the footprint underneath your tent, you can prevent damage to the groundsheet, ensuring its longevity and preserving its integrity.

In addition to its protective function, the footprint also offers insulation and warmth. By providing a waterproof base, it creates an extra layer of insulation between your feet and the cold ground. This feature is particularly beneficial for barefoot campers who seek comfort and protection from the chilly ground temperature.

One of the significant advantages of using a footprint is that it enhances the overall lifetime of your tent. Camping often involves encountering various elements that can cause wear and tear. However, with the footprint acting as an additional layer of defense, it absorbs much of the impact that would typically erode the sewn-in groundsheet or the tent's own groundsheet. This protection contributes to the durability and longevity of your tent, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come.

Adhara tent footprint in black on a white background

Pitching your tent becomes easier and more convenient when using a protective footprint. Since the footprint is laid out first, it serves as a guide for the correct positioning of your tent. By aligning your tent with the footprint, you eliminate the guesswork involved in spatial planning and ensure that your tent is set up in the optimal location. This simplification of the pitching process saves time and effort, making your camping experience more enjoyable.

The Adhara 700 Footprint has dimensions of 500 x 320 cm, providing ample coverage for the bottom of your tent. When packed, its dimensions are 40 x 30 x 8 cm, ensuring it doesn't take up much space in your camping gear. With a weight of 2.5kg, the footprint is lightweight and easy to carry, adding minimal burden to your overall camping load.

Overall, the Adhara 700 Footprint offers protective benefits, insulation, enhanced tent lifespan, easier pitching, and practical dimensions. By utilizing this accessory, you can ensure the longevity of your tent, improve comfort during camping, and simplify the setup process, all while adding minimal weight and bulk to your gear.

Adhara 700 Tent Carpet

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Grey Berghaus Adhara 700  Tent Carpet in a blue bag

The Adhara 700 Carpet is designed to bring a touch of luxury and homeliness to the interior of your tent, elevating your camping experience to a more comfortable level. This carpet is specifically tailored to fit the Berghaus Adhara 700 Tent, ensuring a precise fit and adding to the overall aesthetics of your camping setup.

Featuring a soft upper surface, the carpet provides a luxurious feel underfoot. It is made from durable polyester fleece, which not only offers comfort but also contributes to the homely atmosphere inside the tent. You can create a cozy living space within the tent, similar to a comfortable living room, where you can relax and unwind. The softness of the carpet allows you to remove your shoes and enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable environment.

The Adhara 700 Carpet also offers practical benefits. It features a valuable waterproof PVC backing that effectively keeps water out and preserves the carpet's comfort and integrity. This additional layer of waterproofing provides extra protection to the tent's groundsheet, ensuring that moisture does not seep through from the ground, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Grey Berghaus Adhara 700  Tent Carpet

Furthermore, the carpet provides insulation from the cold ground, which is particularly useful during the early and late camping seasons such as spring or autumn when nighttime temperatures can be significantly lower. The insulation offered by the carpet helps to keep the living space of the tent warmer, enhancing your overall camping comfort, especially for barefoot campers.

The dimensions of the Adhara 700 Carpet are 270 x 320 cm, designed to fit perfectly within the tent's interior. When packed, the carpet has compact dimensions of 38 x 24 x 46 cm, making it easy to transport and store. With a weight of 2 kg, it is lightweight and convenient to carry along with your other camping gear.

To summarize, the Adhara 700 Carpet provides a luxurious feel, waterproof backing, insulation from the cold ground, and comfort underfoot. Its precise fit for the Berghaus Adhara 700 Tent ensures an enhanced camping experience with added homeliness and comfort.

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