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New Zempire Evo TXL V2 Tent Review

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Zempire Evo TXL V2 tent on a white background

Introducing the newly redesigned mid-range family tent, the Evo TXL V2. Zempie have taken this tent back to the drawing board to enhance its ventilation, durability, and overall comfort. As the largest tent in the EVO range, the Evo TXL V2 offers extensive living space and an ample awning area. Additionally, it features the innovative Multi-Room inner, providing you with multiple bedroom configurations to suit your needs. With these improvements, the Evo TXL V2 sets the standard for the perfect combination of durability and portability.

Zempire Evo TXL V2 tent sleeping layout options

Here are some key specifications and features of the Evo TXL V2:

  • Sleeps (Comfort): 6

  • Sleeps (Maximum): 8 (with the optional additional bedroom)

  • Sleeping Areas: 1-4

  • Optional Rooms Pods: 1

  • Living Areas: 1

  • Peak Height (Bedroom): 215cm / 84.6in

  • Peak Height (Fly): 225cm / 88.6in

  • Frame Material: Inflatable airsystem tubes

  • Fly Fabric: 150D, 135T poly oxford

  • Waterhead Rating (Fly): 6,000mm

  • UV Rating: UPF 50

  • Floor Material: 12x12, 140gsm PE

The Evo TXL V2 incorporates several notable frame features, including angled beam construction, double seal Boston valve, external inflation points, guide straps, inflatable air frame, SeroLink frame system, and a tunnel design. These elements ensure a sturdy and reliable structure.

Zempire Evo TXL V2 tent

The fabric features of the Evo TXL V2 include a durable PE floor, fire retardant treatment, torrential rain tested design, TPU tape seam sealed construction, and UV treatment for added protection.

The fly features of the tent include carpet attachment rings, an integrated air frame, a sewn-in ground sheet, tinted skylights, and various window configurations. The windows in the tent offer adjustable internal settings, bug-proof mesh, rear external window covers, side zipped internal window covers, and skylight covers. The tinted PVC waterproof window covers provide natural light in the tent and awning, but can be closed with zippered internal window covers when needed.

The ventilation features of the Evo TXL V2 tent include anchor vents, bedroom vents, front-to-rear airflow, a gusseted rear window, large mesh windows, living area lower draft vents, a rear airflow window, side-to-side airflow, and upper expel vents. These features ensure proper air circulation throughout the tent, keeping you comfortable in various weather conditions.

The Evo TXL V2 tent also offers a range of bedroom/inner features, such as a 360° fold-away inner door, additional bedroom attachments, light diffusing fabric, a multi-room inner, twin layer D doors, and a zip-out dividing curtain. These features provide flexibility and privacy within the tent.

In conclusion, the Evo TXL V2 tent is a top-notch family tent that has been thoughtfully redesigned to provide excellent ventilation, durability, and comfort. With its spacious living area, extensive awning, and the versatile Multi-Room inner, this tent is the ultimate choice for families seeking a durable and portable camping solution.

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