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OEX Jackal 2 Tent Review

Updated: Jul 9

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OEX Jackal 2 Tent on white background in green

The OEX Jackal II Tent is designed to be lightweight, making it perfect for backpacking and wild camping adventures. It is a two-person tent that comes with twin carry bags, allowing for easy transportation.

When it comes to handling wet weather, the Jackal II Tent excels. The waterproof polyester flysheet has a rating of 5000HH, ensuring excellent water resistance. Additionally, the breathable polyester inner fabric helps prevent condensation, improving the indoor climate and enhancing sleeping comfort.

The tent's design focuses on strength and stability. It features a simple 2-pole tunnel design with OEX Endura poles that are pre-angled for increased sturdiness. This design makes the tent stable even in strong winds, making it suitable for camping in exposed areas or on summits.

The OEX Jackal 2 Tent offers additional features to enhance your camping experience. It includes a porch area with an integrated groundsheet, providing an ideal space to store muddy or wet gear. There is also a convenient lantern hanging loop and organizer pockets on either side of the tent, helping you keep your belongings neat and organized.

In terms of dimensions, the carry bag measures 44cm x 14cm x 14cm, making it compact for easy storage and transport. The tent itself has dimensions of 100cm x 325cm x 165cm, providing ample space for two people. The tent weighs 2.95kg, contributing to its lightweight nature.

OEX Jackal 2 Tent floor plan

With a quick pitch time of approximately 10 minutes, the OEX Jackal II Tent offers a combination of lightweight design, waterproof and breathable features, stability in strong winds, and additional storage and organizational options. It is an excellent choice for backpackers and wild campers seeking a reliable and comfortable shelter for their outdoor adventures.

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