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Vango Icarus 500 Full Review

The Vango Icarus 500 tent offers several features that make it a reliable and convenient choice for camping:

Fully Waterproof Construction: The tent's flysheet is designed to shed water effectively and has a waterproof rating of 4000HH, ensuring excellent water resistance. The sewn-in groundsheet has a waterproof rating of 10000mm HH, providing further protection from moisture. With these features, you can stay dry and comfortable in any weather conditions.

Vango Icarus 500 tent on white background

Ventilated: The tent incorporates Vango's AirZone ventilation system, which helps to keep you comfortable in warmer conditions. The breathable inner fabric allows condensation to pass through, preventing the buildup of moisture inside the tent.

Vango Icarus tent in a field with coast behind

Versatile: The tent features a porch area that provides ample storage space for your camping essentials, such as furniture, bikes, and muddy boots. The sleeping area can be divided into two separate bedrooms, allowing for privacy and flexibility in accommodating different sleeping arrangements.

Vango Icarus 500 layout dimensions plan

Easy to Pitch: The tent is designed for easy setup, similar to a pop-up tent. It erects as one piece with pre-attached guylines, reducing the time and effort required for pitching. The PowerFlex fibreglass poles used in the tent's construction are strong, flexible, and lightweight, providing durability and ease of handling. Tension straps are also included to provide extra stability.

Vango Icarus 500 pitched at the beach

Dimensions: The tent has a height of 195cm, width of 315cm, and length of 470cm. When packed, it has a compact size of approximately 70cm x 30cm x 31cm. The weight of the tent is 14.8kg, making it relatively lightweight and portable. The pitch time is estimated to be around 12 minutes, allowing you to set up quickly and efficiently.

Overall, this Vango tent offers reliable waterproofing, ventilation, versatility, and ease of setup. Its spacious dimensions, storage options, and lightweight design make it suitable for various camping trips and conditions.

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