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Vango Soul 200 Tent Full Review

Updated: Jul 29

Trek and Camp Rating 8.5/10

The Vango Soul 200 is a user-friendly and efficient tent that can be set up quickly and easily with its simple 2-pole design. It is ideal for beginners in camping, festival-goers, or anyone looking for a hassle-free shelter for a short camping trip.

Key Features:

  1. Quick and Easy Pitching: With only 2 poles to assemble, the tent can be set up in under 5 minutes, making it convenient for those who want to avoid complex setups.

  2. Protex 3000mm Fabric: The tent is made from 70D Protex Polyester, which is durable and has a hydrostatic head waterproofing rating of 3000mm. This ensures excellent protection against rain and wet conditions.

  3. PowerFlex Fibreglass Poles: The tent utilizes high-quality PowerFlex fiberglass poles. The steel ferrules and tips are designed to move smoothly through the pole sleeves, making the setup process hassle-free. Additionally, the pole sections are "shock-corded," further simplifying pitching.

  4. Inner Pitch First: The tent is pitched inner tent first, which means you set up the inner sleeping compartment before attaching the flysheet. This setup helps in better condensation control and keeps the interior dry.

  5. Breathable Polyester Inner Tent: The inner tent is made from breathable polyester, contributing to improved condensation control and overall comfort during the night.

  6. PE Groundsheet: The tent features a hardwearing and waterproof PE groundsheet with a rating of 10,000mm. This offers reliable protection from ground moisture and helps keep the interior dry.

  7. Lantern Loop: The tent includes a lantern loop in the roof, providing a convenient place to hang a light source, creating a well-lit interior during the night.

  8. High Visibility Guylines: The tent is equipped with high visibility guylines, which make it easier to spot and avoid tripping over them in low-light conditions.

  9. Lights Out Inner Tent: The inner tent's darker fabric helps reduce the amount of morning light that enters, allowing for a more restful sleep in the mornings.


  • Weight: 2.2 kg, making it relatively lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Pack Size: 50x13x13 cm, ensuring it doesn't take up much space during transportation.

  • Pitching Time: 7 minutes, which is still quite quick for a tent of this size and capacity.

Overall, the Vango Soul 200 is a reliable and practical option for those seeking a fuss-free and efficient tent for camping trips or festivals. Its durable materials, quick setup, and thoughtful design features make it a solid choice for outdoor adventures.

What we liked about the Vango Soul 200 tent

Porch area for storing rucksacks and muddy boots.

What we didn't like

not the most spacious tent for two people.

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